by Electric Ian's®

T-Spirit®, the revolutionary
multipurpose 2-way
spirit level

T-Spirit® by Electric Ian's®

A revolutionary multipurpose 2-way spirit level.

An easy to use tool providing 2-way level check, electrical box spacing, 90° Mitre, 45° mitres, 200mm Rule and with 6 Magnetic points built in key locations.

2-Way Level Check

Electrical Box Spacing

90° Mitre

45° Mitre

200mm Rule

6 Magnetic Points

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for professional use only?

Regular spirit levels can be used by anybody. However, the limited use of a regular spirit level means that they're only ever used by professionals. The T-Spirit® Level can easily be used by anybody, whether it be those with limited trades experience or professionals.

What purpose do magnets serve?

The magnetic infrastructure of the T-Spirit® Level is key to returning the perfect level of adjustment when needed. Spirit Levels are regularly used on metallic surfaces and it only makes sense for magnets to be present.

Will this work with large objects?

Yes, the T design assists in this. You only need a small section to the level of a large object. Regular spirit levels do not work this way, hence you sometimes have to use larger ones - with T Spirit, one size fits all.

How durable is the T-Spirit® Level?

Extremely durable. It's built for the building trade, and we know how tools are treated (we're in the trade after all). The product is made of a mixture of Plastic and a hardening material to ensure excellent durability.

Designed with features in thought

With over 30 years of electrical and building experience. We designed and developed the T-Spirit® with thought.

We made sure that T-Spirit® contained all that is needed for any trades person or individual to use successfully with pleasure.


Key Features

  • 2-way Level Checks
  • Electrical Box Spacer
  • Engineer's Square
  • 45° Set Square
  • 200mm Rule
  • 6 Magnetic Points

Here's what traders say about T-Spirit®

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